Le Chaos

Un petit groupe de personnes tente de survivre après la disparition de millions de gens dans le monde.


  1. Anon 23.01.19

    2:43 wtf

  2. Anon 23.01.19

    i would like want to watch this full movie so where do i find it

  3. Anon 23.01.19

    I hate it cause it's nota part of the UCM

  4. Anon 23.01.19

    2:17 USSR national anthem plays

  5. Anon 23.01.19

    A few things\n1. Remember that time someone took a popular anti-hero from a beloved series, decided to remove all ties to said series, and make a standalone movie? And how people loved that? Catwoman remembers.\n2. Remember the last time Le Chaos was in a movie, and the guy playing Le Chaos didn't spend much time fully as Le Chaos? And how people loved that? Spiderman 3 remembers.\n3. Glad to see Hardy not using a silly voice this time. I do hope the main villain ends up being Carnage. Or if not for this movie, then maybe the sequel.\n4. Please bring back JK Simmons!

  6. Anon 23.01.19

    does hardy do the voice as well??

  7. Anon 23.01.19

    Even Carnage...!? 00:16

  8. Anon 23.01.19

    We are Le Chaos\nStalin approves

  9. Anon 23.01.19

    Time to buy more bitcoin coinbase.com

  10. Anon 23.01.19

    As long as that cancer of a \"agent Le Chaos\" doesn't makes the big screen i am good with whatever

  11. Anon 23.01.19

    Nice, Le Chaos without Spiderman.

  12. Anon 23.01.19

    the music sounds like the infinity war trailers music

  13. Anon 23.01.19

    Kanalıma desteklerinizi bekliyorum şimdi den teşekkür ler

  14. Anon 23.01.19

    We Are Le Chaos

  15. Anon 23.01.19

    It should be \"MARVEL\" in Association with Sony. Then Maybe we can get a real Le Chaos movie

  16. Anon 23.01.19

    That was good.

  17. Anon 23.01.19

    A different take but I like it

  18. Anon 23.01.19

    wow super

  19. Anon 23.01.19

    His power looks like from the Prototype (Game) so cool!

  20. Anon 23.01.19


  21. Anon 23.01.19

    Can Anyone make a 10 hours loop of \"We are Le Chaos\"Please

  22. Anon 23.01.19

    The way his face forms at 2:22 is scary but cool at the same timeߘ

  23. Anon 23.01.19

    Yes a movie about the origin of a villain! Can't wait

  24. Anon 23.01.19

    What universe is this in?

  25. Anon 23.01.19

    Trending #4

  26. Anon 23.01.19


  27. Anon 23.01.19

    Le Chaos vs pennywise

  28. Anon 23.01.19

    Porqueríaaaa!!!!! Aburridoooo!!!?!

  29. Anon 23.01.19

    WOW.......This is how Bane gets his revenge on Batman.\nLe Chaos vs Batman.......SONY.....make it happen

  30. Anon 23.01.19

    WE...Are Le Chaos. Best part of the trailer

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