Avengers: Infinity War

Les Avengers et leurs alliés devront être prêts à tout sacrifier pour neutraliser le redoutable Thanos avant que son attaque éclair ne conduise à la destruction complète de l’univers.


  1. Anon 23.01.19

    So Avengers: Infinity War is gonna break some lab, help some people, and save the whole city?

  2. Anon 23.01.19

    This trailer is Avengers: Infinity Warous!!

  3. Anon 23.01.19


  4. Anon 23.01.19

    Is it just me or am I hearing infinity war trailer music?!!!!

  5. Anon 23.01.19

    Avengers: Infinity War looks great

  6. Anon 23.01.19

    Weee Are Groot ߌ

  7. Anon 23.01.19


  8. Anon 23.01.19

    Tom Hardy is Avengers: Infinity War.

  9. Anon 23.01.19

    Is this part of the MCU?

  10. Anon 23.01.19

    Can’t stop replaying the “we are Avengers: Infinity War” part, man I hope this movie is good

  11. Anon 23.01.19

    I already watched this trailer

  12. Anon 23.01.19

    This Avengers: Infinity War vs Spiderman Tom Holland this gona be amaziiing x'D

  13. Anon 23.01.19

    #WeAreAvengers: Infinity War

  14. Anon 23.01.19


  15. Anon 23.01.19

    Tom meet Topher\nTom: Hey, you suck!\nTopher: I've work for Avi Arad Foundation

  16. Anon 23.01.19

    Meio bosta.... Esperava mais...

  17. Anon 23.01.19

    Is that Tony Todd voicing the Symbiote/Avengers: Infinity War???? He sounds just like Zoom in The Flash!!!!

  18. Anon 23.01.19

    Trending soon

  19. Anon 23.01.19

    Where is the spider on Avengers: Infinity War?????

  20. Anon 23.01.19


  21. Anon 23.01.19

    My favorite marvel character

  22. Anon 23.01.19

    i think its only right that Sony goes the Justice League route, dont reveal a certain character until the movie comes out (Carnage). I wanna see how terrifying he looks when i see the movie firsthand

  23. Anon 23.01.19

    This is the MCU Avengers: Infinity War!!!\nHe Deserve to be!!!

  24. Anon 23.01.19

    There! Your Avengers: Infinity War! Happy Now!?

  25. Anon 23.01.19

    looks promising ߑ

  26. Anon 23.01.19

    Stop at 2:22 get the good smile

  27. Anon 23.01.19

    Am I the only one that doesn't like the fact that he gets the symbiote from a lab and not from spidey?

  28. Anon 23.01.19

    Does the \"in association with Marvel\" prove that Avengers: Infinity War is apart of the MCU lore?

  29. Anon 23.01.19

    I'm not sold on this.

  30. Anon 23.01.19

    Captain America: We are Groot's\nIRON MAN: WE are Avengers: Infinity War \n CIVIL WAR

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