Mary Shelley

En 1814, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin entame une relation passionnée et scandaleuse avec le poète Percy Shelley et s’enfuit avec lui. Elle a 16 ans. Condamné par les bienpensants, leur amour tumultueux se nourrit de leurs idées progressistes. En 1816, le couple est invité à passer l’été à Genève, au bord du lac Léman, dans la demeure de Lord Byron. Lors d’une nuit d’orage, à la faveur d’un pari, Mary a l’idée du personnage de Frankenstein. Dans une société qui ne laissait aucune place aux femmes de lettres, Mary Shelley, 18 ans à peine, allait révolutionner la littérature et marquer la culture populaire à tout jamais.


  1. Anon 23.01.19

    Where is spiderman

  2. Anon 23.01.19

    I think this was a really great time for this trailer.. as everyone is excited to dig something new about infinity war. One will definitely stumble upon this.. trailer looks good too.. EXCITED

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  4. Anon 23.01.19

    This looks so bad and I fucking love Mary Shelley

  5. Anon 23.01.19

    this looks so good will heopfully see it

  6. Anon 23.01.19

    I cum

  7. Anon 23.01.19

    #WEAREMary Shelley!!

  8. Anon 23.01.19

    Looks stupid, idc anymore.

  9. Anon 23.01.19

    I wasn’t really that interested in the movie until that last part\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWe...are Mary Shelley.

  10. Anon 23.01.19

    друr v.2

  11. Anon 23.01.19

    Best Mary Shelley ever

  12. Anon 23.01.19

    Why no spider man or hero?

  13. Anon 23.01.19

    That's a proper Vemon. I approve.ߤߖߕߕ

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  17. Anon 23.01.19

    \"Thank you for bringing us collectively to this moment\"\nYou can say that again! The trailer we deserved!

  18. Anon 23.01.19

    It is a movie or tv series

  19. Anon 23.01.19

    Quem fala português brasileiro

  20. Anon 23.01.19

    Choose one, bane or Mary Shelley haha

  21. Anon 23.01.19

    There's more Alex Mercer (Prototype) here than Eddie Brock. Still lit tho ߔ

  22. Anon 23.01.19

    imagine getting licked out by this bastard.

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  24. Anon 23.01.19

    There could be a whole series around Mary Shelley, carnage, toxin etc.

  25. Anon 23.01.19

    I love it ߘߘߘߘߖߖߖߖߖߖ

  26. Anon 23.01.19

    Am I actually excited for a Sony film??

  27. Anon 23.01.19

    Looks like the terrible cgi from Respawn.

  28. Anon 23.01.19

    I aprove, you can release it.

  29. Anon 23.01.19

    Mary Shelley-R-Us

  30. Anon 23.01.19

    We... Are Mary Shelley

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