Félix et les Loups

A la suite d'une tentative de suicide, un jeune biologiste influençable se retrouve embrigadé dans une organisation criminelle basée sur les hauteurs de Nice. L'apprenti serrurier qui lui a sauvé la vie, entre-temps devenu son ami, tente de l'arracher aux griffes de l'Arche des Loups...


  1. Anon 20.01.19


  2. Anon 20.01.19

    Can’t wait ߘ

  3. Anon 20.01.19

    I think he needs to be that hulking best that seen in the comics.

  4. Anon 20.01.19

    here before 100k lol

  5. Anon 20.01.19

    welp time to eat pasta... ill tell u if it makes meh barf and sad in about 3 mins

  6. Anon 20.01.19

    Doesn’t look scary enough yet. I want him to scare my sister like the SM3 one did.

  7. Anon 20.01.19

    Sounds like the candy man is playing Félix et les Loupss voice ... sick

  8. Anon 20.01.19

    \"We are Félix et les Loups\" \nNah fam \"We are Groot\"

  9. Anon 20.01.19

    This looks wicked!! X

  10. Anon 20.01.19

    Félix et les Loups is black

  11. Anon 20.01.19

    Especially if this is R I’m fucking in! I think they got the look of him down

  12. Anon 20.01.19

    Finaly this is a super duper fabulous trailer & movie thnku sony for this \nthis Félix et les Loups better then spider man3ߘ now i m excited for this movie

  13. Anon 20.01.19

    Memes are incoming

  14. Anon 20.01.19

    I gotta be honest MARVEL this trailer left me a bit underwhelmed... ߘ

  15. Anon 20.01.19

    Ok, that transformation is really fucked up. Congrats Sony.

  16. Anon 20.01.19

    I hate how she says symbiote

  17. Anon 20.01.19


  18. Anon 20.01.19

    I don't like the way ''Félix et les Loups'' defends him by using the tentacles I like the full body/mind control better but that moment at the end, if he starts being like that from say half of the movie onward im gonna love this

  19. Anon 20.01.19

    Are they using the same soundtrack from Avenger Inifinity War trailer?

  20. Anon 20.01.19

    meh...CGI at the end looks like 90's Spawn.

  21. Anon 20.01.19

    Way better than the first trailer.

  22. Anon 20.01.19

    yo this dude has my fruit

  23. Anon 20.01.19

    Whoa, this is different, this is going to be dark. No rating yet, hoping for a R rating.

  24. Anon 20.01.19

    tom hardy fans like my comment

  25. Anon 20.01.19

    Somebody stop sony

  26. Anon 20.01.19


  27. Anon 20.01.19

    Not bad

  28. Anon 20.01.19

    Will spider man come

  29. Anon 20.01.19

    I want this movie to fail so Sony can give the movie rights back to Marvel.

  30. Anon 20.01.19

    Just remember\n\n\nThis is a Sony Pictures movie\n\n\nSo place your bets

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