Spider-Man : New Generation

Spider-Man : New Generation suit les aventures de Miles Morales, un adolescent afro-américain et portoricain qui vit à Brooklyn et s’efforce de s’intégrer dans son nouveau collège à Manhattan. Mais la vie de Miles se complique quand il se fait mordre par une araignée radioactive et se découvre des super-pouvoirs : il est désormais capable d’empoisonner ses adversaires, de se camoufler, de coller littéralement aux murs et aux plafonds ; son ouïe est démultipliée... Dans le même temps, le plus redoutable cerveau criminel de la ville, le Caïd, a mis au point un accélérateur de particules nucléaires capable d’ouvrir un portail sur d’autres univers. Son invention va provoquer l’arrivée de plusieurs autres versions de Spider-Man dans le monde de Miles, dont un Peter Parker plus âgé, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Cochon et Peni Parker, venue d’un dessin animé japonais.


  1. Anon 24.01.19

    That's it? One shot of Spider-Man : New Generations full face?! Spiderman 3 all over again.

  2. Anon 24.01.19

    Wasn't LEAKED for very long, was it ?

  3. Anon 24.01.19

    Looks amazing can't wait

  4. Anon 24.01.19

    Tom Holland's MCU Spiderman has to grow the f*ck up and Spider-Man : New Generation looks like a good way to go...

  5. Anon 24.01.19

    I hope he fights carnage at the end..

  6. Anon 24.01.19

    boom! !!!!!! perfect

  7. Anon 24.01.19

    2:08 did they really put an unfinished scene in the last trailer?!

  8. Anon 24.01.19

    Waaa chaval

  9. Anon 24.01.19

    It was fucking cool\n\"WE ARE Spider-Man : New Generation\"

  10. Anon 24.01.19


  11. Anon 24.01.19

    Hard pass

  12. Anon 24.01.19

    Is it just me or did some of that music sound eerily similar to the Infinity War trailer?

  13. Anon 24.01.19

    Sounds like Avengers Infinity war song ߘߘߘ

  14. Anon 24.01.19

    2018 Spider-Man : New Generation > 2007 Spider-Man : New Generation\nLike if you agree

  15. Anon 24.01.19

    This is the fuckin Alien i wanted to see

  16. Anon 24.01.19

    where is carnage??????

  17. Anon 24.01.19

    Estoy que muero Dx 2:18 (Spider-Man : New Generation)

  18. Anon 24.01.19

    It's TIME!!

  19. Anon 24.01.19

    My body and mind is soooooooo ready to engage in IMAX or standard theaters for Avengers: Infinity War and Spider-Man : New Generation

  20. Anon 24.01.19

    Spider-Man : New Generation is a villian, not an anti-hero.

  21. Anon 24.01.19

    So where are all the crybabies who overreacted to the first trailer and are now inhaling this epicness?\nThey're the same group who overreacted to Homecoming, basing everything off the trailer by calling it 'Iron Man 4'. Your saltiness isn't necessary and #WEARESpider-Man : New Generation

  22. Anon 24.01.19

    CGI could be a bit better, but they have till October to finish it so here’s to hoping lol

  23. Anon 24.01.19

    i expected more of a horror/physiological thriller vibe

  24. Anon 24.01.19


  25. Anon 24.01.19

    I'm speechless. Wow

  26. Anon 24.01.19


  27. Anon 24.01.19

    My babe Spider-Man : New Generation looks THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC ߔߒߒߒߒߔ

  28. Anon 24.01.19

    well sony....you made it, CONGRATS!!!!

  29. Anon 24.01.19

    Please don't suck, Please don't suck and also....... Get Andrew Garfield back in this please!.

  30. Anon 24.01.19

    Lets goooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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