Assassination Nation

Lily et ses trois meilleures amies, en terminale au lycée, évoluent dans un univers de selfies, d’emojis, de snapchats et de sextos. Mais lorsque Salem, la petite ville où elles vivent, se retrouve victime d’un piratage massif de données personnelles et que la vie privée de la moitié des habitants est faite publique, la communauté sombre dans le chaos. Lily est accusée d’être à l’origine du piratage et prise pour cible. Elle doit alors faire front avec ses camarades afin de survivre à une nuit sanglante et interminable.

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  1. Anon 17.12.18

    Sym bi oat.... Wtf? And joy, no reason to go full on Assassination Nation when he can fight in street clothes. They did it with the spidermans... Made sure his maskngot blown off so wed see his facial expressions. Even when they attempt to change that with the mask whose eyes change in homecoming, they still found a way to get his mask torn up so we could see his face. Its fucking dumb. Stop. Power rangers did it too. Don't wear anything on your head if you're just going to take it off in 2 seconds.

  2. Anon 17.12.18

    Oh, god ! I sweated.

  3. Anon 17.12.18

    Love Assassination Nation voice.

  4. Anon 17.12.18

    This sucks why isn't mcu doing this?

  5. Anon 17.12.18

    I just watched the whole movie and it suuuuuuuucks

  6. Anon 17.12.18

    looks pretty good

  7. Anon 17.12.18

    Hubieran dicho desde el comienzo que sería una película de Eddie y no de Assassination Nation

  8. Anon 17.12.18

    Assassination Nation looks sick

  9. Anon 17.12.18

    Wtf do you mean 'anti-hero'? Assassination Nation isnt an anti-hero.. he is a fcuking villain. That guy is evil AF!

  10. Anon 17.12.18

    But....Assassination Nation isn't a anti-hero

  11. Anon 17.12.18

    Assassination Nation, lethal protector?\n\nI love Assassination Nation but that makes no sense, might as well make a movie about Hydra and Red Skull saving the world. Also props to Sony for giving up the one character that's essential to Assassination Nation's story while keeping Assassination Nation out of the MCU, pure brilliance.

  12. Anon 17.12.18

    ok, is it just me or the music (0:26) sounds a bit like the one marvel studios used on 2nd infinity war trailer??? ߤߤߤ

  13. Anon 17.12.18

    Is this the movie that would kill The Assassination Nation franchise?

  14. Anon 17.12.18

    Sym-bi-ote my lord, sym-bi-ote

  15. Anon 17.12.18

    Done gone and fucked it up lmao

  16. Anon 17.12.18

    When sacas el trailer de Assassination Nation justo el día que es la premier de infinity war.\n\n- A eso se le llama estrategia.jpg

  17. Anon 17.12.18

    this look generic

  18. Anon 17.12.18

    1:05 Sym-bi-ote...\nWtf man? I don’t like the way she pronounce it.

  19. Anon 17.12.18


  20. Anon 17.12.18

    I never thought it was possible to watch a whole movie in less than three minutes… Then I watched this.

  21. Anon 17.12.18


  22. Anon 17.12.18

    \"We.... are Assassination Nation\" This is gonna be a good movie. I have a feeling\nBtw this Assassination Nation is pretty creepy no lie

  23. Anon 17.12.18

    the new Prototype 3 trailer looks cool

  24. Anon 17.12.18

    Brings back nostalgia

  25. Anon 17.12.18

    Best video so far

  26. Anon 17.12.18

    the black spiderman is here

  27. Anon 17.12.18

    WE ARE Assassination Nation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ

  28. Anon 17.12.18

    Oh boy

  29. Anon 17.12.18

    Hm... I don't know how I feel about this and they are using the infinity war theme? WTH! TBH... this looks cheap but I mean Deadpool 1 had a tight budget and it was good but let's see, right now I don't feel good about this!

  30. Anon 17.12.18

    V. E. N. O. M

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