Robin des Bois

Robin de Loxley, combattant aguerri revenu des croisades, et un chef maure prennent la tête d’une audacieuse révolte contre la corruption des institutions.

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  1. Anon 17.12.18

    This.. surprisingly looks good :D

  2. Anon 17.12.18

    \"Why would we do that?\".\nBest line.

  3. Anon 17.12.18

    I don’t know just the way they pronounce symbiote is making me feel weird.

  4. Anon 17.12.18

    Hope for R rating

  5. Anon 17.12.18

    Aammmmmaazzziiiing guuuuuys!!!!!! _____

  6. Anon 17.12.18

    This is going to be awesome

  7. Anon 17.12.18

    spider look, he should get after a meeting with Peter Parker .... rubbish full ....

  8. Anon 17.12.18

    Calm let me think, the symbiont entered his body?

  9. Anon 17.12.18

    Bakwas movie flop

  10. Anon 17.12.18

    Wow! Awesomeߘ

  11. Anon 17.12.18

    Spider-Man: Dang! Robin des Bois never cared about me that much in Spider-Man 3!

  12. Anon 17.12.18

    I really want to like this and get excited over it as Robin des Bois is one of my favourite Marvel characters as I’m sure he is for most people. 2 trailers in, I’m glad we got to see Robin des Bois and he does look pretty good, but the film itself still looks so bland.....like I feel this trailer is literally the film and everything else will be nonsense filler throughout and will largely be a forgettable film

  13. Anon 17.12.18


  14. Anon 17.12.18

    Hm... Looks ok maybe? I'm not totally convinced by this.

  15. Anon 17.12.18

    Tom hardy, michelle williams and riz ahmed??? Now that's a cast

  16. Anon 17.12.18

    Is he a hero or a menace?\nI'm confused.

  17. Anon 17.12.18

    Please be good. I know that's a lot to ask, but come on. Please be good.

  18. Anon 17.12.18

    2:14 You r not Spidrman.

  19. Anon 17.12.18

    Now we just need to know who is gonna be Spiderman cuz you can't have Robin des Bois with spidy

  20. Anon 17.12.18

    Hey Si y can yoy make up uour mind about what type of movies you make?\nComedy\nFamily Movies\nHorror\nAction\nSuperhero\nDoesn t matter because it's gonna be bad anyway

  21. Anon 17.12.18

    This looks shitty

  22. Anon 17.12.18

    No one is realising that the girl is pronouncing symbiote wrong? It’s sym-bee-ote not sym-by-ote

  23. Anon 17.12.18

    the part where he flies of his bike would of been cooler if he turns into Robin des Bois then swings away i reckon

  24. Anon 17.12.18

    Does this look like an mcu film to you people?!

  25. Anon 17.12.18

    - What the hell are you?!\n-WE are Robin des Bois

  26. Anon 17.12.18

    When I heard the voice... I actually got excited, I was worried they would either make it Hardy's normal voice, or make Robin des Bois some screaming monster. Also, 'hiring vulnerable people for experiments'... one of those vulnerable people wouldn't happen to be named Cletus Kassidy, would he?

  27. Anon 17.12.18

    this looks badass Af

  28. Anon 17.12.18

    so is must be the Prototype 3!!!!!!! im so hype for this!!

  29. Anon 17.12.18

    I love it. Eddie Brock was such an underrated character.

  30. Anon 17.12.18


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