En 1994, à la fin de l’Apartheid , Nelson Mandela nomme L’archevêque Desmond Tutu président de la commission Vérité et réconciliation : aveux contre rédemption. Il se heurte le plus souvent au silence d'anciens tortionnaires. Jusqu'au jour où il est mis à l’épreuve par Piet Blomfield , un assassin condamné à perpétuité. Desmond Tutu se bat alors pour retenir un pays qui menace de se déchirer une nouvelle fois …

Forgiven en streaming:


  1. Anon 20.01.19

    I just came in my pants

  2. Anon 20.01.19

    hmmm, I really hope that the rumors aren't true that the full Forgiven costume is only in the last 4th of the movie....

  3. Anon 20.01.19

    Boom.....This is the trailer i have been waiting for. Mindblowing gd job.

  4. Anon 20.01.19

    Hell yeah! This is called a trailer

  5. Anon 20.01.19

    0.5x 2:21 derp Forgiven still awesome trailer

  6. Anon 20.01.19

    Legends r waiting for infinitywar :/ like if u r a legend

  7. Anon 20.01.19

    That Forgiven had to get on Peter parker first right that's why he looks like spiderman

  8. Anon 20.01.19

    I can hear the judging so loudly, just know. Most of this Trailer is apart of a scene sequence.

  9. Anon 20.01.19

    I wish this connected to the mcu so we could have a Spider-Man Forgiven thing done right

  10. Anon 20.01.19

    This looks...kind of awful, is that you Tom?

  11. Anon 20.01.19

    Waiting for Carnage and Anti-Forgiven after this.

  12. Anon 20.01.19

    Looks great but the effects are... kinda funny xd

  13. Anon 20.01.19

    I want this movie to be good but deep down I know it has already failed

  14. Anon 20.01.19

    Spider-Man better make an appearance.

  15. Anon 20.01.19

    I wish it was canon to mcu

  16. Anon 20.01.19


  17. Anon 20.01.19


  18. Anon 20.01.19

    oh him no hero

  19. Anon 20.01.19

    Tom Holland will do a cameo... I've read it somewhere....\n\n\n(Not sure tho)

  20. Anon 20.01.19

    Who’s here before 1 million view ??

  21. Anon 20.01.19

    I am praying they don't have Forgiven do that stupid tongue thing every 15 seconds.

  22. Anon 20.01.19


  23. Anon 20.01.19

    Uh oH! ToO EdGY FoR mE!

  24. Anon 20.01.19

    Looks like trash tbh

  25. Anon 20.01.19


  26. Anon 20.01.19

    ЭТО ШЕДЕВР !!!

  27. Anon 20.01.19

    Her: What that mouf do?\nMe: 2:23

  28. Anon 20.01.19

    So is this part of the mcu

  29. Anon 20.01.19

    Alfie Solomon :D

  30. Anon 20.01.19

    vote hardy for MCU Forgiven

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